Don’t resign until you’ve answered these 5 questions!

Considering these 5 questions before making a decision to resign is crucial:

1. **Unsatisfied with your current job?**
Consider whether the dissatisfaction stems from personal issues, such as conflicts with a leader or struggling with workload, which might be present in any job. Focus on learning new skills and adapting to changes. If the issue is related to the work environment, reflect on whether changing jobs will truly solve the problem.

2. **Switching fields or staying in the same field?**
If you opt for a different field, be prepared to start learning from scratch. Staying in the same field may benefit from existing connections and experience.

3. **Dislike the company or the leader?**
Remember to prioritize your own interests and personal growth, rather than being solely influenced by interpersonal conflicts. Keep your focus on the work itself.

4. **Lack of self-development opportunities in the current company?**
If there are limited opportunities for growth, consider taking on new challenges elsewhere to further develop your skills and capabilities.

5. **Assess your assets and abilities for job seeking.**
If you feel that your current skills and qualifications are not competitive in the job market, focus on enhancing your value by continuous learning and self-improvement. Stay positive, wait for the right opportunity, and carefully evaluate the best time to make a job change.

Remember, making career decisions requires careful thought and consideration. Take your time to evaluate your options and choose the path that aligns with your long-term goals and aspirations.