Here's a step-by-step process for preparing a professional CV/Resume that takes 8-10 working days (We’re closed on Friday and Saturday):

Day 1-3: Research and Analysis

– TheCVGuy conducts in-depth research on the client’s industry, job market trends, and specific roles they are targeting.
– Analyze the client’s existing CV/Resume and identify areas for improvement.

Day 4-5: Content Drafting

– Begin drafting the content of the CV/Resume based on the gathered information and research.

– Focus on highlighting the client’s key achievements, skills, and experiences.

Day 6-7: Professionals’ Approval 

– The CV/Resume is then submitted to the professionals for approval. According to their feedback, you may be asked some questions regarding further upgrades. 

Day 8: Client Review (First Draft)

– Share the first draft with the client for review and feedback.

– Gather any additional information or preferences that the client may have.

Day 9: Revisions and Refinements

– Incorporate client feedback and make necessary revisions to enhance the document.

– Ensure that the CV/Resume aligns with the client’s career goals and aspirations.

Day 10: Client Approval

– Share the final version with the client for approval.

– Address any remaining concerns or make minor adjustments per the client’s feedback.

Day 10+-: Delivery

– Remaining Payment confirmation from the client.

– Deliver the finalized, professional CV/Resume to the client in the preferred format (e.g., PPT, PDF).

Throughout the process, TheCVGuy ensures clear communication with the client, seeking input and feedback at key stages to prepare the CV/Resume to the client’s satisfaction. This systematic approach allows for a comprehensive, personalized document that enhances the client’s prospects of job search.